'The Bachelor' Finale: Peter Weber's Season Ends With Dramatic Confrontation, Reunion With Former Contestant

After months of speculation into this season of The Bachelor, the show finally came to an end on Tuesday night. As Bachelor fans had come to expect, the season ended in truly dramatic fashion.

The night started with Peter Weber proposing to Hannah Ann but, shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the two had broken up after the lead said that he wasn't able to give her his whole heart. After receiving a surprise visit from Chris Harrison in her hometown, Madison Prewett decided to visit Peter in Los Angeles and the two expressed that they still had feelings for one another.

On the After the Final Rose special, Peter and Madison said that they would continue to see where their relationship goes. However, Peter's mother, Barbara, was definitely not on board with their relationship, saying that the two were not compatible and that her son would have to "fail to succeed" with Madison. In short, just like Harrison promised, it was truly one of the most dramatic finale moments ever.

Throughout the two-night finale, Peter was vocal about how torn he was over his final decision, particularly after one of the contestants in his final two, Madison, broke up with him on their final date.

As previously mentioned, there was quite a lot of speculation into how Peter's season would end. Despite past seasons' endings being spoiled by outlets such as Reality Steve, fans were largely unsure about how this season was going to end as there were no spoilers revealed about the conclusion to Peter's Bachelor journey.

In an interview with Glamour, Peter even noted that he was surprised that the season had gone unspoiled for so long.

"I don't know. I think when I made that statement [earlier this year that it wouldn't be spoiled], I was just throwing it out there. I've truly believed it," Peter told the publication when asked why the season hasn't been spoiled. "I thought there was a reason that it wouldn't be spoiled. But I'm even a little shocked just with the day and age we live in, social media and whatnot. It's an insane ending, it is. And it's the hardest last week of my life. So that's really all I can say about that."


During his interview, Peter even shared that there were plenty of unexpected moments in the finale that fans would be shocked by (given what fans know now about the ending, he was definitely not wrong in saying so about the finale).

"I wouldn't say terrified because I can honestly say where I'm at right now, I am very happy," Peter said regarding his emotions going into the After the Final Rose special. "I say it over and over, but I followed my heart the entire time. A lot of people, I think, will be surprised. There's a lot of unexpected stuff that happens up until the very last second, that's for sure. I think that's why it's not been able to be spoiled. Soon everyone will know."