'The Bachelor' Finale: Peter Weber Delivers Heartbreaking Twist After Proposal

The Bachelor finale has been quite the roller coaster ride for fans. In part 2 of the finale on Tuesday, Peter Weber ended up getting engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, who was the final contestant left in the competition after Madison Prewett called it quits with the lead in the Monday night episode. Unfortunately, it appears as though Peter and Hannah Ann were not meant to be, as shortly after it was they got engaged, the Bachelor told his fiancé that he could not give her his whole heart.

During the finale, Peter told Hannah Ann that he could not reconcile the fact that his heart was in two different places (with her and Madison). Through tears, Peter expressed that he was sorry for how everything and, in turn, Hannah noted that she felt "betrayed" by Peter's actions and subsequently gave him back the Neil Lane stunner that he proposed to her with.

Throughout the finale, Peter noted that he was torn between the final 2 contestants, Hannah Ann and Madison. But, after getting engaged to Hannah Ann, Peter realized that his heart was with Madison, who broke up with the lead because of their differing lifestyles.

There has been much build-up leading to this dramatic series of events. While Harrison noted that the finale would be dramatic (and that even Peter was unsure of what would happen), the Bachelor himself spoke with Glamour ahead of the finale to discuss just how "insane" the ending to his journey is.

"It's an insane ending, it is. And it's the hardest last week of my life. So that's really all I can say about that," Peter told the publication.

Peter went on to address the fact that Harrison has said that the lead doesn't know how the series will end. While he didn't reveal any information about said ending, the reality star did express that he's happy with how everything turned out.


"I wouldn't say terrified because I can honestly say where I'm at right now, I am very happy. I say it over and over, but I followed my heart the entire time," Peter said. "A lot of people, I think, will be surprised. There's a lot of unexpected stuff that happens up until the very last second, that's for sure. I think that's why it's not been able to be spoiled. Soon everyone will know."

Of course, he didn't reveal any spoilers at the time, but he did stress that the finale is "crazy" and that fans will simply have to tune in to see how everything pans out. Based on everything that has happened so far over this two-night finale, he was definitely not wrong in his summation about how his journey has ended.