Colton Underwood Quits 'The Bachelor,' Vows to Fight for Cassie After Fence Jump

Colton Underwood was totally 'done' with being the Bachelor after Cassie Randolph broke up with [...]

Colton Underwood was totally "done" with being the Bachelor after Cassie Randolph broke up with him, vowing to win the woman he loved back at the expense of the two other finalists on the show.

Monday's part one of the ABC show's season finale picked up with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and production team frantically looking for their leading man after he jumped a fence and ran off into the Portugal countryside in response to the heartbreaking exit of the woman he admitted to wanting to marry.

"He is gone," a concerned Harrison told the camera, adding later on a phone call, "We're out in the middle of nowhere Portugal, and he is nowhere to be found. It's 11:40 at night. We're gonna look for another 20-30 minutes, then I'll have to call the police."

After scouring the roads in a van, producers eventually tracked the 26-year-old former NFL player down, walking along the side of the road in the dark, having left his cell phone and mic behind.

"Don't touch me right now!" he told a producer asking him to get out of the road, adding to Harrison, "Dude, I'm done with this s—."

"What, you wanna be done with the whole thing?" Harrison asked, to which he responded, "Yeah, done done."

"I've been through enough of knowing I'm not enough for a long time," he said, breaking into tears after agreeing to get in the van. "And every reminder of that just makes me stronger, so I'm O.K. with it."

"Every time I put myself out there, I get f—ing rejected," he continued. "I literally said, 'I love you,' and she said, 'I love you too, goodbye.'"

Despite what it would mean for his relationship with fellow finalists Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, Colton vowed to call things off early with everyone and try to make things work with Cassie.

Following Cassie calling things off with him under the advisement of her father, Colton said "that was the peak for me of knowing how much she meant to me."

"I would say I was falling in love with Tayshia and I was falling in love with Hannah—I fell in love with Cassie," he confessed. "Cassie shut my heart off."

"Knowing I can lose her over being in a relationship with two other women and confusing her and not letting her have the certainty and the confidence she has in the relationship," Colton told Harrison, convinced him to call off the rest of Bachelor protocol. "I think she loves me. I think she's scared to admit that."

"I came here for love and I found it," he continued. "I feel like life without Cassie wouldn't be complete. I feel like Cassie completes me right now."

Tearfully calling things off with both Tayshia and Hannah, Colton's next step is to see if Cassie will take him back once he's no longer the Bachelor. But will it work?

The Bachelor season finale continues Tuesday, March 12 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC