'Bachelor' Alum Catherine Lowe's 92-Year-Old Grandma 'Lit up' Meeting Daughter Mia Amid COVID Precautions (Exclusive)

It was an emotional moment for Catherine Lowe when she was finally able to introduce 8-month-old daughter Mia Mejia to her 92-year-old grandmother. The Bachelor alum, who found love with husband Sean Lowe in the 2013 season of the ABC dating show, shared the beautiful memory with PopCulture.com as she celebrated World Kindness Day Friday, Nov. 13 by giving back to elderly people, for whom the coronavirus pandemic has been especially difficult.

Growing up next door to her grandma, Lola Consolacion Mejia, until she was in her mid-20s, it was tough for Lowe not to be able to introduce her daughter to her namesake, but the coronavirus pandemic made that meeting impossible for months. In August, Lowe made sure to follow all the safety precautions so Lola could finally meet baby Mia.

"She has dementia, and she's like in and out of things, but every time I put my daughter in front of her, it was like she lit up," Lowe told PopCulture. "She'd be animated again, and that's how I remember my grandma — so fun and silly — she was exactly that when I put my daughter in front of her. ...I couldn't imagine not doing that."

All of the time and difficulties it took to make the reunion happen was completely worth it, she said. "It was so special to my grandma too, to know that we showed up for her and got to hold her hand and do all these things," Lowe continued. "That just didn't mean just a lot to her, but it meant so much to me, and knowing that my daughter got to meet her great-grandma is like, I could cry thinking about it."


Lowe's older children, 2-year-old Isaiah and 4-year-old Samuel, weren't able to make the trip to visit their great-grandmother, but helped their mom make a care package to send to her as part of Ivory's Acts of Gentle Kindness Initiative with Lowe and nonprofit organization Cool & Dope's 7-year-old Chief Positivity Creator, Cavanaugh Bell, to support the elderly. Putting together care packages complete with gentle products like Ivory body wash and deodorant as well as socks, a cozy blanket and puzzles, Lowe, Ivory and Cool & Dope are encouraging families to spread kindness in their communities by creating and distributing their own care packs, sharing their photos with #IvoryKindness and @ivorysoap.

Catherine Lowe Ivory
(Photo: Ivory Gentle Moisturizing Body Wash and Gentle Deodorant)

"We're taking this opportunity because [me and my family] have a really good network of people, and we feel really safe and loved, but we know there's a ton of people out there that really are struggling," Lowe explained. "So the Ivory Acts Of Kindness Initiative is all about telling the elderly and showing them that we love them, and it's a really good opportunity for me to teach Samuel and my other kids that giving back to the community is really, really important."