Audrey Roloff's Formula Comment Outrages Moms

Audrey Roloff can take a seat as far as moms on the internet are concerned.

The Little People, Big World personality angered mommy on Twitter Tuesday when she made a comment about feeding her newborn baby Ember (now 7 months) with formula.

Roloff and her husband Jeremy were going through a tough time in September after the birth of their first child, when Roloff was diagnosed with mastitis, or an infection of the breast tissue that makes it difficult and painful to breastfeed.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but the pain that I've experienced while breast feeding has been comparable to unmedicated labor contractions," Roloff said in Tuesday's episode. "Inevitably, all of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby, frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached."

She added, "We just don't have feeding figured out yet. It just didn't come easy for me, my body, for her."

All this is incredibly relatable for most moms, but it was when Roloff started talking negatively about feeding a baby with formula that fans started to get heated.

"I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula is like a sin," she said. "I never thought I would do that, but at the same time I need to feed my baby so we have to do it."

Although Roloff clearly changed her mind about formula feeding and switched paths when it came to baby Ember, many fans were not happy about her comparing formula to a sin, no matter how lightheartedly.


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Photo credit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff