Audrey Roloff Reveals Unusual Medical Diagnosis

Audrey Roloff can't catch a break! The Little People, Big World star revealed Tuesday that after dealing with persistent mastitis earlier this year, she came down with a much more unusual illness that has knocked her out.

The 26-year-old mother to 10-month-old baby Ember took to Instagram with a slideshow of photos of the little one to break the scary news to fans.

"The past week I've been feeling so rundown and have been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain," she revealed. "I thought it was just from stress of working on the edits for our book, getting ready to travel out of town for a work trip, and Ember waking up in the night to nurse (which has been happening for the past 3 weeks.. teething). But apparently that's not all."

Roloff revealed that her history as an "injury prone athlete" has trained her to pay attention to the warning signs her body has given her, so she decided to go to the "dreaded urgent care," where medical professionals originally thought to test her for strep and pregnancy.

But after watching a friend go through similar symptoms while in college, Roloff suggested that she could possibly have mononucleosis, also known as mono or "the kissing disease."

People can catch the mononucleosis virus through saliva, according to the Mayo Clinic, and while this often is transmitted during kissing, it can also be transmitted through a cough or sneeze as well as sharing a glass or utensil with an infected person.

"He said that they typically see Mono in teenagers and college students... But they tested me to be sure," Roloff continued. "When he came back in with the results he said, 'Well, I think you're the first breastfeeding mom I've ever seen test POSITIVE for Mono...' Like seriously?! I'm not going around making out with people and sharing drinks 🤔 Oh and then he follows up with this super practical and attainable advice... 'Just try to rest as much as you can for the next 4-8 weeks' ......LOL."

She emphasized, "MOMS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET MONO," adding that she is praying she won't pass on the virus to baby Ember or her husband, Jeremy Roloff.

But she's keeping positive regardless.

"At least I have the cutest baby girl ever to cheer me up," she ended the lengthy post. We hope the TLC star gets healthy soon.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Audrey Roloff