'American Pickers' Star Mike Wolfe Locks Lips With Girlfriend Leticia Cline During Memphis Trip

Wolfe and Cline shared a moment of PDA on Instagram during one of their trips around the U.S.

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe posted a photo of himself kissing his girlfriend Leticia Cline on Instagram this week, and fans are swooning. The couple sat at an upright piano together, and it looked like Wolfe was the one playing before he got distracted. For those catching up, here's what we know about their burgeoning relationship.

Wolfe has been a staple of unscripted TV for a decade and a half now thanks to American Pickers, which is now in its 25th season. Unlike other reality shows, this one rarely delves into its stars' personal lives, so fans may not realize that Wolfe went through a divorce in 2020. According to a report by The Sun, Wolfe and Cline had become friends in 2018, and sometime in 2021 they began dating.

(Photo: Instagram / Mike Wolfe)

Cline is 45 years old and has an eclectic background in her career, education and interests. She was born in Cave City, Kentucky and began modeling at age 14, with photos in various magazines. She studies psychology and finance at the University of Kentucky and became a certified public accountant (CPA). At the same time, she pursued hobbies that are more in line with Wolfe's lifestyle.

Cline's website says: "Currently I'm a journalist, motorcycle racer, Heritage Tourism Preservationist, owner of a Wolfdog named Jack London, and mother to a human named Caleb." She has had a hand in several businesses, particularly in her hometown. She co-founded Standard Motorcycle Corporation in 2014, owns a community motorcycle garage, and helps run a bar called The Dive with her sister and mother. She also co-founded the food and drink company SuckerPunch, and just last month she opened a coffee shop called Ace Coffee Cafe in Cave City.

Amazingly, Cline also found the time to work as a councilwoman for Cave City in the past. To this day, she helps host and coordinate various events for the betterment of the community, all while keeping up with Wolfe on his globe-trotting, treasure-hunting adventures. Wolfe is still working on American Pickers with Danielle Colby and a rotating cast of guest co-hosts. So far, Cline has not been one of them.