'American Idol': Katy Perry Revived By Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie After Swoon-Worthy Performance

Katy Perry couldn't keep her composure after American Idol contestant Uché brought the "stank" during his rock star performance of "Figures" by Jessie Reyez.

In Monday's episode of the ABC reality show, the 24-year-old took to the stage with a multi-faceted and fun performance that had the crowd — and the judges — clamoring for him.

"I got some of that funk, some of that stank," he said before the performance. "I try not to be boring. I'm the type of performer that will make you want to put your phone down."

He certainly had the judges' attention, with Luke Bryan clapping along out of his seat and Perry indicating to Lionel Richie that she had goosebumps at his stage presence and strong voice.

When he came to the end of his performance, Perry took her admiration to the next level, falling to the ground in a faux swoon, with Richie and Bryan rushing to her side to dramatically fan her. With Richie pulling the pop star to her feet (but not before Bryan snapped a selfie), the judges expressed their amazement at the full package contestant's ability to wow them.

"Who the hell are you?" Richie asked the singer. "When I'm prepared, when I think that was it, you go to another level. It's crazy! I love you."

Perry told the Texas resident that he had "all the tricks in the bag," and that all she needed from him was to "just keep finessing it."

Bryan added, "We almost sent him away! It would have been a cataclysmic mistake."

The "California Girls" singer said of their initial questioning of Uché, "Because you're a lot."

"There's no subtlety to Uché, which is fine," she told him. "People come to see rock stars because they are a lot. They want big, they want to be moved, but you gotta be sure to take them on that journey."

American Idol viewers tended to agree with the judges on this one:

"Wow! Uche...It's like watching someone perform who's already a celebrity..." one fan wrote.

Another added, "Take a little James Brown, Bob Marle (sic), Rick James and a dash of Prince and you have a Uche cocktail."


American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC