Amber Portwood's Ex Matt Baier Gets Hitched in Las Vegas

Matt Baier is married, but not to former Teen Mom fiancee Amber Portwood.

The 46-year-old tied the knot in a surprise Las Vegas wedding to Jennifer Conlon, according to E! News.

Baier revealed to the publication that he met his new wife in Las Vegas when he returned home following his break-up with Portwood over his admitted drug relapse.

Baier said the two had been together for about six months, saying, "She's not a public figure. So we kept our relationship private."

Baier said the two never truly got engaged, but their decision to get married "just kind of came up."

He explained, "It was one of those situations where it just kind of felt like the right thing. We really get each other. We both have overcome a lot of stuff. It felt like the right thing to do. It just kind of happened that way."

Monday night, Teen Mom OG fans watched Portwood break off her engagement with Baier in the season premiere.

"Nothing's changed at all," she told an MTV producer. "It's hard. I just feel like I'm trickling down a little bit with the relationship, I'm slowly going down as he treats me like sh-t."

Later, Baier admitted he relapsed earlier that year. He has openly struggled with drug use during his time on camera.

"Why did I relapse? Because of all this bullsh-t," he said. "You can only take so much of this sh-t and I relapsed pretty f--king hard. I was going through a really tough time."

Baier said he and Portwood should "go back to our life, get back to counseling and f--k the world."

Portwood felt like it was better to back off a bit.

"[Let's] go slow right now, I think the wedding needs to be … completely … done right now," she said. "[I'm] not even thinking about the wedding or anything, or being engaged."


Since the two broke up, Portwood began dating boyfriend Andrew Glennon, with whom she is now expecting a child.