'Amanda to the Rescue' Star Talks Her Endless Dedication to Saving 'Differently-Abled' Animals (Exclusive)

For Amanda Giese, taking on the most difficult animal rehabilitation cases at Panda Paws Rescue is more than just her job — it's a calling. Ahead of a brand new episode of Amanda to the Rescue this Saturday, the Animal Planet star talked to PopCulture.com about the importance of educating everyone on animal welfare and teased the "most extreme case" she's ever taken on.

Even as a child, Giese told PopCulture, "I was kind of that kid who always brought home the injured animals, the sick animals." It makes sense that she would take that passion to another level with Panda Paws, taking in and caring for animals who have major medical problems and disabilities or are in need of hospice care, including Chickpea, a French bulldog featured in Season 2 who came to Panda Paws with a host of medical problems, including no use of her back legs.

"There's puppies that grow up very privileged, and they don't have anything wrong with them ... they're great dogs," Giese said of her passion for taking on some of the toughest cases in the rescue world, saying that once those animals who have had a rougher time in life "land in that really soft, plush place for the first time where they don't have fear, there's a very special love and a bond."

She added, "There's so many cases I was told less than a 1 percent chance [of survival], but to me it's like, oh there's a chance."

Putting all her energy into rescue and to raising two kids as a single mom, Giese never expected to show off what Panda Paws does on television.

"I never wanted to be famous. I never wanted to be on a television series," she admitted. "But seeing how it's educating the general public is huge."

From things like spaying and neutering senior animals and acquiring an animal responsibly to educating animal lovers about puppy mills and having a pet "go plan" for any natural disaster, Giese explained there is so much that's second nature to her as a rescuer that many people have never heard about.

Being a strong, smart woman advocating for animal welfare on television back-to-back with Terri and Bindi Irwin of Crikey! It's the Irwins and Tia Torres of Pit Bulls & Parolees isn't lost on Giese.

"It's something I didn't grow up with, and it really strikes a chord with my young followers. ...I'm so excited for all the young girls and young boys who are pioneering the way for animal welfare and conservation," she said. "It's monumental for television."

Amanda to the Rescue airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Animal Planet.


Photo credit: Animal Planet