Amanda Kloots' Son Surprises Mom on 'The Talk' Set With Walkout to Dad Nick Cordero's Song

Amanda Kloots' son Elvis gave her a sweet Mother's Day surprise with an impromptu visit for a [...]

Amanda Kloots' son Elvis gave her a sweet Mother's Day surprise with an impromptu visit for a special episode of The Talk. Walking out to his late father Nick Cordero's song "Live Your Life," the soon-to-be 2-year-old, wearing a children's white suit, marched to his mom with a bouquet of flowers. "Are you kidding me right now?" Kloots asked before wrapping her son in a hug.

Of course, the surprises didn't end there. The mother-son duo was gifted some additional prizes such as a trash truck toy for Elvis and matching mommy and son The Talk onesies. Kloots also received some sweet words from a few Sesame Street characters as well as Gayle King –– who's prepping for a much bigger Mother's Day now that "favorite daughter" Kirby has announced her pregnancy.

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"I know you don't need any advice from me on how to be a good mom," King told the co-host in the special clip, per PEOPLE. "I see how great you are with Elvis and how much you love him. I can only tell you this: It only gets better. As much as you love this stage with Elvis, it only gets better."

Kloots' husband died of complications related to COVID-19 on July 5 after a 13-week stay in the ICU, but The Talk star admits her son Elvis has been the silver lining in the midst of their family tragedy. "Thank God I have a little piece of my husband," she told People of Elvis at the time. "Anytime I'm sad, he brightens my mood in two seconds. He looks at me with his big smile and his little teeth, and I'm instantly transported into a different mood."

She also went on to share that the toddler is much like his Broadway-renowned father. "He is calm and cool and gets along with everybody. I think that's very much Nick," she said. "We have this beautiful little boy that we created together. I love watching him grow, and I know Nick is watching him too." The Talk's Mother's Day show today, Friday, May 7, at 2 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. PT/CT on CBS.

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