‘Alaskan Bush People’ Son Noah Brown Shuts out Family From Wedding Celebration

It doesn't look like Alaskan Bush People son Noah Brown is ready to reunite with his famous family [...]

It doesn't look like Alaskan Bush People son Noah Brown is ready to reunite with his famous family anytime soon.

Wednesday, Radar reported that the 26-year-old and his bride-to-be Rhain are hosting a pre-wedding celebration in Idaho on March 31, and that the rest of his family is not invited.

On a Facebook page for the event, Radar reports that Brown wrote, "Greetings, Rhain and I are hosting a celebration of our soon-to-be wedding in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This is an informal gathering of anybody wishing to come and be a part of our wedding story. We have seen a lot of people wishing that they could be included in our wedding and now is your chance because we want to give you all the opportunity to be there with us."

But when one guest asked if the rest of the Discovery family would be in attendance, Brown responded, "Rhain and I cannot wait to see y'all guys and celebrate our wedding with everyone, but please keep in mind that the rest of my family will NOT be at the meet and greet, it is just Rhain and I trying to celebrate our soon to be wedding with our FANily."

And while some fans accused the estranged Brown brother of simply trying to make money from fans with the pre-wedding party, Brown quickly shut that down.

"Please let me send a monetary gift since I can't be there," one person wrote, to which Brown replied, "That is appreciated but not necessary, all that we ask for is your continued love and support."

Brown has been living in Colorado while the rest of his family is reportedly filming season eight of their reality TV show in a $500,000 lakeside lodge in Omak, Washington.

The 26-year-old recently came under fire for slamming his family on Facebook by posting a quote from his father Billy Brown that he had switched around.

"Family is NOT Blood, family is made up of the people who act like family, people who treat you like family, and people who you choose as family; and when people have none of this, then Blood does not make them family…it makes them a Relative," Brown wrote.

But Brown isn't eschewing the Alaskan Bush People fame altogether.

"Is everyone working on their questions?" Brown asked in a post. "We will be ready to answer as many as we can Saturday the 31, hope to see you there!!"

Photo credit: Facebook / Noah Brown