'Alaskan Bush People' First Clip From New Season Shows Family 'Finagling' a Shelter

In the first sneak peek into the upcoming season of Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family can be seen finagling a new shelter in their new home in Washington state.

In a clip from the Discovery Channel, the family can be seen chopping trees and operating heavy machinery in order to build their new shelter. Watch the clip in the video above.

Ami Brown and her Alaskan Bush Family brood are settling into their new life in Washington now that she is officially in remission from the advanced lung cancer doctors said would most likely take her life.

Moving on from their show's namesake, the Brown family (Ami, 54, Billy, 65, Matt, 35, Bam, 33, Bear, 31, Gabe, 28, Bird, 23, and Rain, 15) has traded the Alaskan wilderness for that of Washington state.

"We never thought we'd be able to find a property like this outside of Alaska," Bear told PEOPLE of the family's new home. "It's so great to have some good stuff coming our way. Things are starting to look up finally."

"It's just nice to wake up in the morning and feel happy, which for a long time I don't think any of us did," Gabe added.

The family reportedly made the trek to Washington shortly after Ami was informed of her good medical news.

"To be out of the city and in the mountains is a blessing in itself and being given second chance is great," Ami said, admitting that she's feeling "better than I have in a lot of years, but I still don't have all my strength back yet."

For example, during a recent excursion to a nearby meadow, Ami said she was left physically exhausted.

"It kind of wore me out," she said. "I hadn't done that much physical stuff in quite a while. Billy said he could feel my legs shaking."

"It scared me to death," her husband Billy added. "She'd been doing so good – it was almost like back to normal and then I just had to hold her walking up the hill and I could feel her knees shaking like crazy. We just have to remember to take it easy and it's never going to be like it was, but it's getting almost there."

After a recent testing in Los Angeles, Ami is reportedly officially in remission from the lung cancer after hearing an initial prognosis of a less than 3 percent survival rate from her doctors.

"Ami is doing amazing, and she's ready to show everyone that miracles do happen," a source told Radar. "Her doctors are all dumbfounded at how she was able to almost beat this when she was in such a bad state last year. But she did, and she is looking forward now to getting on with the rest of her life."


"The whole experience has been a total wake up call for [Ami] and for everyone in the Brown family. It has also made her and Billy closer," the source said.

Alaskan Bush People returns to Discovery Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.