'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Goes Head to Head With Fellow Cast Members in Fiery Rant

Ashley Martson called out her fellow 90 Day Fiance cast members on Sunday in an Instagram post about her allegedly fraudulent relationship.

Martson and her husband, Jay Smith, have faced a seemingly endless string of controversies since meeting and marrying on TLC's 90 Day Fiance. The two have been accused of faking their relationship, faking a serious illness and even creating fake Instagram accounts to stir up conversation about themselves.

On Sunday, Martson took to Instagram for a long rant about their lives, calling out other contestants in the process.

(Photo: Instagram / Ashley Martson)

"As for fellow cast members popping off: YOU WORK FOR THE SAME SHOW," she wrote, "so — acting like you're mortified about the falsity of things that happened is COMPLETELY hypocritical. Most of you from Season 6 went on a social media TIRADE about the editing and fraud of the show, so don't suddenly act like you have no idea how this goes."

Martson's call-out came at the end of a long series of posts where she tried to explain what she and Smith had been through, even at the expense of her non-disclosure agreement, and therefore her paychecks.

"ANY OF YOU (this season and BEYOND!) could have texted or called us personally," she continued, addressing her cast-mates, "but instead you wanted to jump back into the spotlight again, instead of KNOWING BETTER and being REAL. You're ridiculous and just as much a part of this facade as me."

After that, Martson took aim at TLC, accusing the network of contriving many parts of her on-screen drama and forcing her to lie to fans.

"We have been asked to be very deceptive about many things during our run with the show," she claimed. "We have been asked (and agreed for some time) to fake our relationship by not posting anything that makes us appear that we are together."

So far, TLC has not responded to various outlets' request for comments on Martson's posts. Meanwhile, the reality star made it clear that she is over the world of reality TV, feeling that it has become more trouble than it was worth.

"Personally, I thought this show was just for entertainment & that's what we were told. Since the show has ended I never confirmed the status of our relationship due to the contract," she wrote.


Martson, 33, married 20-year-old Smith after meeting him at a resort in Jamaica. Like all 90 Day Fiance couples, they took advantage of the U.S.'s unique K-1 Visa, which allows the fiance of an American citizen to enter the country for up to 90 days until the wedding.

So far, there is no word on whether or not 90 Day Fiance will get a Season 7.