'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days': Season 3 to Answer Major Question Regarding Possible Catfish

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 3 is featuring a potential catfishing situation with Jacksonville, North Carolina resident Caesar Mack. The 46-year-old has never met his girlfriend Maria, who lives in the Ukraine, but has sent her thousands of dollars already. Viewers even saw Caesar buy her an engagement ring. But are they still together?

Warning: Potential Spoilers Follow!

The answer to that question appears to be no, based on some online spoilers and speculation. Caesar's Instagram page shows no signs of Maria.

Starcasm discovered a Reddit post from last month whose author claims to be one of Caesar's customers at the nail salon he works at. The redditor posted several comments about Caesar's situation, and later updated the post to include "Edited to say for his NDA sake- 'I hearrrrrd, ALLEGEDLY....' I mean, clearly we cant PROVE he told me any of this!"

The redditor claims Caesar has said the drama in his relationship with Maria was "made up by producers" and partly scripted. Their relationship was either over or almost over before the show even started filming. Maria's refusal to be seen on camera was the "nail in the coffin" of the relationship.

Caesar "does not blame her for them breaking up" and does not believe she was a gold digger or just hoping to get a green card. Although Caesar claimed to have sent her $40,000 over the past five years, the Redditor said Caesar said it was "way less" than that.

Later, the author claims Caesar took part in 90 Day Fiance to help "built up a film roll" and he is not being paid much. He said he saw this as an acting gig first and was only being paid about $1,200 per episode.

According to Starcasm, the author said Caesar and Maria never actually met in person. “From what I REMEMBER, he didn’t meet her in person, but also wasn’t expecting to by the time they were filming," the person wrote.

There was evidence that Caesar is trying to launch a career in showbusiness. He had a profile on Explore Talent, although it did not include much information before it was taken down. His Instagram bio also used to read "future comedian."

During the first episode of Before the 90 Days Season 3, fans learned that Caesar was sending Maria $800 once a month for the past five years, forcing him to live a penny-pinching lifestyle. He tried and failed multiple times to meet Maria in person. Their latest plan was to meet in Mexico after Caesar sent her $2,000 to buy a plane ticket.

In the second episode, Caesar bought Maria a $195 engagement ring. Even Caesar's friends and customers have told him he must be getting catfished, with them pointing out how Maria never calls him by his name. However, he continued to insist the relationship is genuine.


New episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days air on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: YouTube/TLC