'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson's Fans Weigh in After She Revealed Her Kids on Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson recently revealed her kids in an Instagram posts, and fans are weighing in. The single mom shared a photo of her walking with the two kids down a busy boardwalk. The three of them are show from behind while holding hands as the stroll. In the post's caption, Martson wrote, "It doesn’t get any better than this." She also added a heart emoji, and hashtags for "fam," "mom life," and "beach." Martson has been in the headlines lately, as her ex, Jay Smith, was recently released from ICE custody and couple potentially be deported.

Many of Martson's followers have been commenting on the new post, with one saying,"Keep doing you boss lady, single moms get all the scrutiny and have to be tough as nails. I am a huge fan! You are a great mom and beautiful person."

"Youre goodlooking and smart Ashley," another follower said. You need to meet a man! Someone with education and a good job and is stable!!! No more little boys! You need to be wined and dined no more kiddy s—!"

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"I wish you the best... I wanted you to be happy with Jay. I am sorry you got so hurt. Better you didn't waste more years on him. God bless....take care of yourself and your family," someone else commented.

"Your health and kiddos are first. You don’t need the added stress of a player in your life," one other user wrote. "My wife has Lupus and Stress causes a lot of flare ups for her too."

"I was annoyed with on the show when you called the police to have jay deported- not because you wanted him deported - but because it was a petty waste of police’s time. That being said, I do actually thing you are one of the smartest girls on the show," a fifth commenter said. "You don’t take anyone’s shit and lay down like a doormat when someone pisses you off. I hope you are free of the show now and can do and say what you want!

Smith was taken into police custody at the beginning of July, and subsequently released less than a month later. Following his release, Martson told In Touch,"I just hope he learned his lesson and respects any future woman he chooses to be with."


"His deportation hearing hasn't been announced but will be shortly," she added. "For now he's is out on bail on $4,500 which his boss paid. He just needs to keep his distance and him and I will be fine."

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