'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Shares Adorable Video of Daughter Ember Singing Disney Classic

The Roloff household has a little singer fan in the making on their hands! On Wednesday, Feb. 20, Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff took to Instagram to show off her 2-year-old daughter Ember’s impressive singing skills, sharing an adorable video of the little girl belting out "The Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book.

"This girl fills our house with so much laughter," Roloff captioned the gallery, which included an image of herself and little Ember as well as a video of the youngster singing the tune. "Not just hers... Jer and I are constantly cracking up at the things she does and says lately."

"I'm gonna say it... this is my favorite age," she went on to admit. "Swipe right if you you want to watch something that will make you smile. yes, we recently watched The Jungle Book."

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The adorable clip drew plenty of reactions from Roloff's followers, many of whom dubbed it "cuteness overload."

"Ember, your singing is amazing!! Good job, sweet girl!!" wrote one person, prompting Roloff to comment that little Ember "is non stop with the singing lately"

"Cuteness overload!!!!!" added a second.

"I absolutely love this age too! The adorable voice and the things they say are just too much! Definitely brings a smile to your face," commented a third. "Ember girl is sooo adorable, love her rendition if Bear Necessities."

"Omg! I can't take how cute she is singing!" added somebody else. "She is at a great stage/age and an incredible big sister! So happy for you guys!"


The adorable video comes as Ember recently took on a major duty: big sister. Roloff and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, welcomed their second child, son Bode James, on Jan. 8, the little one ticking in at 9.2 pounds and measuring 21 inches, according to the birth announcement, which was shared to the social media platform. Since expanding their family, Ember has seemingly adjusted just fine, with Roloff recently sharing a series of new images of her daughter bonding with Bode.

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According to Roloff, "Ember just loves her baby brother so much," and she and her husband remain "in awe that we have TWO KIDS!"