'Teen Mom OG': Andrew Glennon Alleges Amber Portwood 'Stood-Up' Son James for Reunion Interview

Teen Mom OG star Andrew Glennon claims Amber Portwood missed a meeting with son James to attend the taping of the Teen Mom OG season reunion. Glennon and Portwood split after she allegedly threatened Glennon with a machete while he held their 1-year-old son in his arms. The two are now embroiled in a paternity case.

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This week, Glennon told one fan on Instagram that Portwood skipped a chance to see James so she could attend the reunion taping in New York.

"She looked very proud in that hate-fueled 'interview'... which she stood James up to go and do," Glennon wrote on Instagram, reports In Touch Weekly. "Actions speak volumes. I pray one day she gets the help she needs and finds her own happiness in life."

During the July 4th weekend, Portwood allegedly got physical with Glennon in James' presence. She was charged with domestic battery, domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old, and criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon, all felonies.

In a very long statement to a fan, Glennon said the past year with Portwood "changed me."

"She broke me down psychologically," he continued. "I became more silent, I hesitated before speaking, what she did literally altered my speech pattern. I needed to be prescribed medication for anxiety which I have never had in my life. No. I’m not going to be silent until your dust settles. I’ve been silent for too long. The abuse has gone on for far too long. It goes on still. Sorry the truth is 'nasty,' it was. No apology ever, for anything."

Portwood kept quiet on the incident until the reunion with Dr. Drew Pinskey, when she explained her side of the story.

"I really need some assurance. Can you talk to my lawyers and please just figure something out?" Portwood asked Pinskey "I want to get my side of the story out."

Portwood continued, "I literally opted out of a drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself. Why would I jeopardize... you haven't heard s— from me since then, haven't gotten in trouble one time... But all of a sudden I'm running after him with a machete? You're insane."

She criticized Glennon for texting 911 about being in danger during the fight.

"A text message, by the way. I just want to point that out real quick to everybody. But I ran after him with a machete," she said with sarcasm. "Let me tell you what, if somebody's coming after me with something like that, I'm calling the f—ing police and running out the door."

She went on to claim Glennon has already moved on with a new girlfriend.

"If it takes you less than two weeks to ask a woman to come to Indiana... I've already talked to her. She's a good person. She's very nice. She's very sweet," Portwood claimed.

This week, Glennon filed a notice of intention to relocate to Malibu, California. Portwood responded by trying to get a judge to step in and stop the move, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

In August, a source told Us Weekly that Portwood and Glennon are "as good as done."

"Andrew seems more concerned with public perception than getting back together with Amber. He’s done nothing to indicate he wants to be back with her, and she’s done nothing to indicate she wants to get back together with him," the source said. “They’re as good as done and haven’t spoken since the court ordered them not to.”


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