Beth Chapman's Daughter Bonnie Opens up About How 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Cared for Her 'Until the Very Last Moments'

Bonnie Chapman is revealing just how dearly father Duane "Dog" Chapman cared for mom Beth Chapman in her final days before she passed away in June due to complications related to her battle with lung and throat cancer. In a new interview with SurvivorNet, the youngest daughter of the Dog the Bounty Hunter family revealed that despite his tough exterior, her dad had nothing but compassion and love for her mother through the end.

“My dad that you see on the show is… he is always like the very tough guy, but in reality, my father is a teddy bear. He is such an empathetic soul," she told the outlet.

As Beth's condition worsened, Bonnie revealed her father only grew more dedicated to her.

“My dad had a love for her that was constantly growing stronger and stronger,” she shared. “And it really showed her like, ‘he is really here for me. He is going to take care of me until my very last days.’ It was really nice to see her take comfort in that my dad was always gonna be there.”

“Even as her hair started to diminish, he would tell her that she looked like an Egyptian goddess,” she continued. “He just loved her so much, and I’m really proud of him for sticking with her until the very last moments. That’s what she needed. She needed someone who loved her as much as my dad did. You know, I think that she truly feels that love now.”

Dog even took up a role in the kitchen when Beth was struggling to eat due to complications with her diagnosis that created a "metallic taste" when she would eat certain foods.

"She was really trying her hardest to eat, and when my dad would try to make her food, if it didn’t taste right, he would do it again and again and again until he got it right," Bonnie revealed. "My dad does not cook. I don’t trust my dad with the oven, the stove… not even a microwave really.”


Regardless of his talents in the kitchen, Bonnie recalled, “When it was wrong, he would be like, ‘OK, I’ll go back and do it again — I’ll make it exactly how you like it and I’ll make it so that you’re able to eat it.’”

Photo credit: Getty Images