Jay Leno Makes ‘America’s Got Talent’ Appearance, and Twitter Has Thoughts

America’s Got Talent continues to roll out their guest judges, this time unveiling former host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno.

Leno put on his critiquing cap alongside America’s Got Talent mainstays, Simon Cowell, Julianna Hough, Gabrielle Union and Howie Mandel.

NBC released a video prior to the show with an interview of the longtime late-night television host.

“I think I was a fair judge,” Leno said of his appearance on the show. “I know how hard people work and I never wanted to be cruel or mean. I think I found the good points in everybody — it’s just some were better than others.”

The host of America’s Got Talent, Terry Crews, also appeared in the video. He gave his expectations of Leno as a host, explaining how he believes “he will tell the truth.”

“He really has no reason to hold back anything,” Cruise added.”We are going to see ‘gangsta Jay’ on this one.”

Union noted that she believed Leno’s experience in the industry will lend itself to him being a fair judge while Mandel explained that, “he knows talent… he has traveled the world, he has seen it all, who better to judge then Jay?”

Fans of the show were loving the appearance of Leno on the competition show. They especially appreciated who he gave the Golden Buzzer to, which is a designation that sends the recipient straight to the live shows.

Leno was blown away by 10-year-old Emanna Beasha, who sang opera and got the judges giddy over her powerful voice.

One user remarked on Twitter, “Stole everyone’s [heart]. I had chills, sign of an amazing future for her. Then Jay brought water to my eyes and a smile. Take good care of her Simon. She is genuine.”

Another comment on Twitter was short and sweet after her performance, “Thank you Jay Leno.”

As for what’s next for Leno’s Golden Buzzer choice, Beasha will await her turn on the live shows. That will be where the competition heats up as the contestants battle it out to win over the judge’s votes as well as the public’s votes.


Previous guest judges on the show included former NBA superstar, Dwayne Wade, country superstar Brad Paisley and actress Ellie Kemper, who appeared on The Office and starred in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

America’s Got Talent premiered on June 21, 2006.