'Teen Mom: Young Moms Club' Stars Ask Fans to 'Be Open' About the 'Pretty Little Mamas' Revival

The stars of Pretty Little Mamas are getting another chance to tell their stories as MTV prepares to relaunch the series as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club Monday, April 22.

After Pretty Little Mamas was canceled following just two episodes in 2018, fans will get to reconnect with Alyssa Myers, Chandlar Walby, Cheyenne Latu, Nicole Pleskow, Nikki Hussey and Heather Miinch as the longtime friends navigate life as young moms in San Diego. Ahead of the Young Moms relaunch, the friends opened up to PopCulture.com about the transition to Teen Mom and the journey ahead.

"It's exciting for me," Chandlar said of the rebrand. "I grew up watching Teen Mom, so it's definitely surreal."

Nikki echoed, "I think we’re all just really thankful that we got a second chance to show the world our stories, and it’s really exciting."

Not everyone was thrilled to have new moms join the MTV franchise's family, with Teen Mom OG couple Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra publicly tweeting they thought the relaunch was simply riding on their coattails.

“We’ve had some negative tweets," Chandlar admitted. "We’re a family, they should welcome us with open arms. ... It was kind of a buzzkill, but if they don't want to accept [us], shame on them."

Naysayers aside, the friends teased that fans would get to see their raw and real stories throughout the season, with Chandlar dealing with issues surrounding the father of her second child, Aaron, who has "battled a lot of demons throughout the years," including substance abuse issues.

"It’s definitely gonna bring back a lot of memories," she said of the season premiere. "I've worked through a lot of trauma with that."

For Nikki, this season will focus on her journey trying to find a balance between her career as a model and as a mother, despite her boyfriend's objections.

"I think it’s really important in this day, women need to be true to themselves and show the world that we can really do it all," she told PopCulture. "You don't have to be kept in this box if you're a mom, and can break out of this mold as a working mom. It shows so much strength — that we don't need men to depend on, or anyone. We can take care of ourselves and take care of our babies.”

Nicole's complicated relationship with new beau Michael will also play a major role in the season, as she teased the "ups and downs" of their relationship puts her in a tough place with her friends.

"It’s really hard to be caught in the middle of your love and respect for your friends when you have this relationship that you also really care about," she said. “It’s an extremely emotional thing for everyone.”

Heather's journey through this season definitely wasn't an easy one either, developing dangerous complications during her second pregnancy that left her on bed rest for months as well as in danger of dying due to a displaced blood clot during labor.

“It’s hard to relive that again, I'm not going to lie," she told PopCulture, adding that even thinking of the moment still brings her to tears. "But I'm so excited, because I can show other moms going through the same thing that there is light at the end of the tunnel — you get this little miracle baby.”

Cheyenne said she was simply excited to show fans the "authenticity" of the friend group's life, including her own family's financial issues, which she was sure many young families would recognize.

“I just think that they’re going to see the real version of all of us," she said. "The thing is, we all have so much going on in our own stories and lives that is so relatable. People are always so quick to judge, but there's always something going on in people's lives and you don't really know them.”

She implored viewers, “Be open to getting to know us. The first time that [Pretty Little Mamas] came out, I think people were quick to judge and didn't watch.”


Teen Mom: Young Moms Club airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV