Khloe Kardashian Claps Back After Being Mom-Shamed for Her Nails

Khloe Kardashian never misses an opportunity to clap back at mommy-shamers, and on Monday her targets were critics of her long nails.

"It’s annoying when people talk about my nails. Trust me, I manage just fine. The same way I take care of myself, I take care of my baby. There are more serious things to discuss. At least I would hope," the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wrote, adding an eye-rolling emoji. "Happy Monday to you."

Kardashian, 34, has never been shy about showing off her perfect nails on Instagram, most recently showing off bright red nails on Saturday. That post was met with comments from critics who wondered how she could change 10-month-old daughter True Thompson's diapers with those nails.

khloe kardashian nails instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian)

"Omg how can you handle a baby with those nails," one fan wrote, notes PEOPLE. Another wrote that Kardashian "had the nails of a woman who pays other people to do everything for her."

However, many of the more recent comments are from users coming to Kardashian's defense. Some mothers also said they have no issues with their long nails and newborns.

"I have Long nails and have a 3 month old that I take care of just fine. I don't see a issue," one person wrote.

"Love your nails. And everything about you and your beautiful baby," another fan wrote. "Don't let people get you down. Your beautiful as always !!! God bless you and your family."

"There are plenty of Mom's that have long nails. Honestly you can scratch a baby worse with real nails and I am sure she washes her hands all the time. Leave her alone," another fan added.

Since True was born in April 2018, Kardashian has put up with her share of mommy shamers, who criticize almost everything the reality TV star does.

"Even working out, like my baby's asleep, I'm working out, the monitor's with me... but even if it's not, do you think I'm leaving my child alone?" Kardashian told E! News in August 2018. "It just drives me crazy that people are...I don't know why they're passing judgement."

Kardashian said she was criticized for going to a charity event without True, even though True was at home with her father, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson.

"I get crazy with that," Kardashian said of the critics. "Because we also have to work to support our families and the lifestyles that we have and I don't know what people want us to do now that we have kids, just stay at home?"

Even when Kardashian opened up about breastfeeding True and using baby formula, mommy-shamers came out in force.


"Mommy shaming is real!" she wrote in June 2018. "But the truth is I've tried and tried and tried to breast feed only and it wasn't working for me. I feel fortunate that I am able to still breast-feed but with the help of formula. Breast-feeding is something I really wanted to do. Just am not fully able."

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