Duggar Family Celebrates Josh Duggar's 30th Birthday

The Duggar family celebrated a major milestone for eldest son Josh.

The family took to their family blog to post a congratulations message to Josh Duggar, wishing him a happy 30th birthday.

"Today is a big milestone for the Duggars. Jim Bob and Michelle's oldest child is 30 years old! Wishing Josh a happy birthday," the family wrote on the blog Saturday.

"How fitting that Jim Bob and Michelle are celebrating their oldest child's 30th birthday just days after welcoming their 10th grandchild. The Duggar family sure is growing!"

The blog referenced the birth of Joy Anna (Duggar) and Austin Forsyth's first child, son Gideon Martyn, who was born on Feb. 23.

The post includes a photo of Josh and Anna Duggar with Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus and Meredith, dated before the birth of Josh's son Mason in 2017. Another photo shows Josh and Anna Duggar with their son Marcus.

Josh recently made headlines after reports surfaced that the eldest of the Duggar clan secretly re-entered rehab.

According to information obtained by Radar, Josh Duggar checked himself in to a faith-based rehab facility in Rockford, Illinois last August to battle an addiction to sex and pornography.

Duggar is the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children. He married Anna in 2008, but in 2015 was named as one of the clients to the affair-based website Ashley Madison, which had its user's names released during a data breach.

The same year, it was revealed that Josh had molested his sisters as a teenager, which led to a big controversy that almost ended the family's relationship with TLC. Despite the infidelity and scandal, Josh and Anna are still married. They have five children together.

"When they first got married she was really cool to be around, she loved being married," an anonymous Redditor said when talking about Anna in late February. "I don't know if she's unhappy about being married to Josh at this point, but I feel bad for her because wherever she goes someone asks her why she hasn't left him and she gets a lot of judgemental (sic) stares. I think it would be hard to go from one of the most popular couples to the one that's kind of been shunned by the public."


The sourced added, "She only ever seems happy when she's with her kids ... She usually has enough common sense to smile and say thanks for your opinion. Those close to her don't ask but some conservative Christian women can't keep their noses out of others buisness (sic)."

"For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives as a family," the two wrote in a statement back in March 2017.