Video of JWoww's Son in a Pink Tutu Panned by Some as 'Wrong on So Many Levels'

A video of Jenni "JWoww" Farley's son dancing around in a pink tutu is attracting a lot of attention from parenting critics who want the Jersey Shore personality to institute stricter gender roles on their children.

JWoww's husband Roger Mathews shared a video of the couple's son Greyson playing around in older sister Meilani's ballet outfit last week.

"Love getting videos like these from our nanny to make my work day go by faster," Mathews captioned the post. "She had to outsmart Meilani who didn't want to put on her dance outfit for dance class. Well played. Something I would do for sure. That's my boy. Twinkle Toes. [Blessed Life] My wife gets pissed when i hashtag [Blessed Life] when we are having a moment. Currently doing good so I think it's safe. [Ace Ventura]."

For the most part, fans thought the video was adorable, and the nanny ingenious.

"Super cute! I Love how happy your little ones are!" one commented. "You two are great parents."

"That nanny is a keeper!" another added.

But some people were uncomfortable with the idea of a boy, even one so young as Greyson, wearing a tutu, and their reactions were totally over the top.

"What in the hell are you doing!" one user said. "Why don't you put some damn pants on that LITTLE BOY! WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! SHAME ON YOU."

"Why are you wearing a dress little man?" another commented.

But most were happy to see JWoww and her husband let their 1-year-old be a kid without worrying about societal gender lines.

"It's absolutely RIDICULOUS how these AWESOME parents can't post things and choose to share their lives with us without all of the ignorant no life IDIOTS replying with some negative remarks because they are so ate up with jealousy and to pathetic to admit just how great this video is!!" one person said. "I see such happiness in these kids and they DEFINITELY are very well taken care of so keep the hatred and ignorance to yourself and maybe focus on getting your own life thats worth a damn!! Keep up the great work Roger and maybe get him a purple tutu if he so desires [laugh out loud]!!"


Another stepped in to defend the couple: "The fact that some people are worried about him wearing a tutu and can’t see the happiness on his face is beyond me that’s why all of our youth is f—ed up! He is a child! Good job Roger and Jenni for not judging your son and letting him explore himself!!!!"

Photo credit: Instagram/@jwoww