Caitlyn Jenner 'Wasn't Happy at First' About Kylie Jenner Becoming a Young Mom

According to sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner family, Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t “happy” upon hearing her youngest daughter would become a mother.

Entertainment Tonight reports that while everyone was thrilled 20-year-old Kylie was pregnant, Caitlyn Jenner was upset and “hesitant” about her daughter’s boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.

Sources close to the situation said that Kylie “wasn’t happy about how Caitlyn responded.”

While Kylie was reportedly not happy, she still maintains a relationship with the 68-year-old Olympic champion.

In a 2016 episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Kylie asks Caitlyn what she believes will be a good age to have kids. While Kylie answers 25, Caitlyn answers 30.

“I feel like 30 is too late,” Kylie replies. “Every psychic said I'm only gonna have two kids.”

This hasn’t been the first time that Jenner expressed upset over Kylie’s pregnancy. Last fall, a source close to Jenner told Hollywood Life that the concerned parent believes her daughter is “way too young” to have a child.

“She thinks Kylie is way too young to have a baby, and that she should have waited until she was in a long-term committed relationship. Obviously, Kylie has more than enough money to ensure that she can pay for help, but Caitlyn still thinks that having a baby will take a huge toll on Kylie’s life," the source said.

The source reiterated that Jenner wanted Kylie to “wait ’til she was in her thirties” but that Kylie has always wanted to be a young mom.

“She’s crazy in love with Travis [Scott], so she didn’t want to wait any longer,” the source added. “Caitlyn is concerned that Kylie and Travis really haven’t been dating very long, and that a baby will put a big strain on their relationship, but Kylie believes the exact opposite — that she and Travis will be together forever.”

Ahead of giving birth, Kylie will be reportedly upping security measures. Though she has stayed out of the public eye through the duration of her pregnancy, insiders reveal that the 20-year-old is currently seeking refuge in her mother Kris’ home.

“She is currently in hiding in Kris’ home, where half of the windows have been covered to prevent any photos of her,” the source said. “Anyone that is there to visit with her must check their cell phones with security guards.”

The measures in place don’t stop there as it has been reported the Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur’s guests will also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and undergo metal detection.