Scott Disick Attends Blac Chyna's Party for Dream, but Not Rob Kardashian's

Scott Disick may have just signaled whose side he's on in the ongoing legal battle between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The formerly engaged couple held two separate birthday parties for their daughter, Dream Kardashian. Disick didn't show up at Kardashian's party on Friday, though all the Kardashians — including his ex and the mother of his children — were there. Disick did, however, make an appearance at Chyna's party, to the surprise of absolutely everyone.

Sources say Disick showed up at the party Chyna threw for Dream bearing a gift. Although onlookers and party guests were clearly shocked to see him, Disick maintained a casual demeanor. No one has reported any comment from Disick, Chyna, or the Kardashians on the choice of celebration.

Chyna and Kardashian currently have separate lawsuits open against each other, while Chyna herself also has various cases pending against other members of the Kardashian family. She's accused the family of purposefully sabotaging her own reality show, and of conspiring to cover up an incident of domestic abuse back in April. For his part, Kardashian has accused Chyna of domestic violence against him.

The ex-couple has reportedly come close to settling their ongoing custody battle, finally opting to share joint physical custody of Dream. Because the L.A. County Deptartment of Children and Family Services has its own open case against Chyna, any arrangement must be signed off on by a judge.

For his part, Disick has had an on-and-off, unclear position in the Kardashian pecking order for years. His appearance at Chyna's party could signify a simple scheduling conflict for Disick, or, perhaps, a tectonic shift in his allegiance to Kardashian.