'Teen Mom 2' Cast Member Criticized for Putting Colored Contacts in Daughters' Eyes

What Teen Mom 2 cast member Leah Messer intended as a fun part of her kids' Halloween costumes, fans are saying could be a major hazard to the girls' health.

Messer, who is mom to 7-year-old daughters Aliannah and Aleeah, as well as 4-year-old Adalynn, posted a picture of the twins on Halloween. The girls aren't in full costume yet, but are sporting spooky different colored eyes attained through the use of colored contacts.

"The Simms twins are getting a little creepy!" Messer captioned the photo.

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While many fans thought the young girls' Halloween look was great, others pointed out the danger of using cosmetic color contacts, which have been reported to cause corneal scratches and even partial blindness.

"If using the contacts injure your kids eyes, I will be the first to call you a sh--ty mom," one said. "The FDA says not to use contact lenses that aren’t prescribed because it can do damage to the cornea. Your kids, yes. But at this point Corey (Simms) is the better parent."

"While kids of any age can wear contacts safely when being monitored, please tell me you brought them to the optometrist and had them fit them in the contacts," another added. "That you didn’t just buy them online. If they don’t fit properly, you open them up to numerous potential problems."

Others defended Messer, saying that while the contacts might not have been the best idea, she's one of the more stable moms on the MTV reality show.

"Why does it matter? Are their eyes red? Are they crying? Do the girls look like they don't want them on? Do you realize it's about the girls not the mom? The girls look fine. Happy having fun," someone chimed in.