WWE's Paige and Her Brother Mark Sobriety Milestones Together

WWE star Paige and her brother, Roy Bevis, are celebrating major milestones in their lives. The [...]

WWE star Paige and her brother, Roy Bevis, are celebrating major milestones in their lives. The professional wrestler is nearly two years sober while her brother is early in his own journey. They are continuing to support and celebrate each other on social media.

Roy posted two photos on Monday that showed the before and after of Paige's journey to sobriety. He celebrated that she has nearly reached the two-year mark and said that she had inspired him. Paige responded with before and after photos of her own. She cheered on Roy and said that she is proud of him. She also celebrated their progress with a long caption on Instagram.

"I've posted something like that before. But so proud of my progress! 2 years of soberness. Mumma feeling goooooddd. Swipe and you'll see my big bro [Roy Bevis] he is 6 weeks in of being sober and I'm SO proud!!! He aged backwards in just under 2 months. Please throw some support in the comments, he deserves it [happy emoji] Can't wait for him to come visit me and ronnie for his 40th in February [emoji] [clap emoji] [heart emoji]," she wrote.

"CONGRATULATIONS to you and your brother Paige!! I know firsthand how difficult the journey can be at times. Much respect," one person commented on Twitter after seeing the back-and-forth between siblings. Several others chimed in with similar tweets. They continued showing support for Paige and Roy while celebrating their progress.

While she continues on the path of sobriety, Paige is turning heads on social media with hints about her WWE future. She has not taken part in a match since April 2018. She retired following a match between Sasha Banks and Mandy Rose in New Orleans due to spinal stenosis. Now she is teasing a return.

The performer posted a throwback photo on Instagram recently that showed her wearing a neck brace and included an attention-grabbing caption. "Recycled pic. But.. Spent the last 2 years of my in-ring career with this neck brace. 6 screws and 2 fusions later.. my neck feels wonderful. Can you let me in yet coach?" Paige wrote. The fans saw the message and immediately began proclaiming that she needs to return to the wrestling ring, provided she is fully healthy.