Underworld: Blood Wars Director Anna Foerster Talks Working With Real Performances And Story

Recently at New York Comic-Con, ComicBook.com's Dallas Jackson caught up with Underworld: Blood Wars director Anna Foerster. She chatted for a few minutes about her popular show Outlander, and even dished on some exciting details about her upcoming installment to the Underworld franchise.

When asked about now being at the helm of Underworld series, Foerster said, "It has been super exciting, and there's so much (sic) new characters and so much new stuff coming in this story that it's definitely just taking it to a whole different level."

"There is more of a deeper story than there has been before," Foerster said.

As for the fans who may have been concerned that the forthcoming film may be going in a different direction, Foerster was able to set their minds at ease.

"Look, I think it's always important [to be consistent with the visual elements in] with anything that you're taking over," she said. "Because it's a franchise, and it has fans, and it has something established. That you're taking this and you're building on it."

The German-born director also dished on what the visual elements of the upcoming Underworld sequel were going to be like.

"I never intended to do something completely different," she said. "But I do think it will be, it will have a different spin on it for sure."

While the movie may visually be similar, it's clear that Foerster believes that the plot may be stronger for this sequel than its predecessors.

Other film credits for Foerster include: 4 episodes of Outlander, 5 episodes of Criminal Minds, and 1 episode of Madam Secretary.

Check out the full interview with Anna Foerster from the New York Comic-Con above.


Underworld: Blood Wars is set to hit theaters on January 6, 2017.

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