One Big Tradition Was Cut This Year For The Kardashians

The last few months have been pretty tumultuous for the Kardashian clan, with Kim being robbed and having marital troubles, Khloe's divorce from Lamar Odom being finalized, and family drama between Rob and Blac Chyna, and a long-standing tradition got cut as it was too stressful for the family.

It's surprising that the Kardashians have been able to get together for a family photo for so many years, considering how hectic all of their schedules are. What with makeup lines, reality shows, and incredibly famous significant others, so maybe a year off will do everybody some good.

However, considering how many members of the Kardashian family are constantly on social media, maybe it would have been easier to just drop some postcards with links to their social media accounts if they want to know what the family looks like now.

The news of there not being a Kardashian Christmas card comes as quite a relief, as I can now stop pestering my mail carrier about it every single day.

Also, people still send Christmas cards? Isn't that what emails are for? Let us know if you and your family still sends out Christmas cards in the comments!


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