Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Return To Couples Therapy

On Monday, actor Matt Damon joined Jimmy Kimmel in another couples therapy session to discuss their damaged relationship. The feud between the two has lasted for 14 years as Kimmel has signed off his show every night by saying, "Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time."

All this time, Damon just wanted to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live so badly that he claims to live in the studio. Somehow Kimmel runs out of time for him on the show night after night, and Damon thinks the two needed therapy to work out their troubles.

At the beginning of the bit, Kimmel stated: "We did this once before. We went to therapy together. It didn't go very well, but we decided to try it again."

As the two enter the therapy session, Kimmel then explained to the therapist that Damon living in his studio is "technically stalking."

"It's not if you're invited. The judge was very clear about that. If you just stopped inviting me, then maybe I wouldn't come. But you invite me everyday, you say I'm going to be on the show, and I've never been on the show. And so I took matters into my own hands," Damon stated regarding the time when he bribed his buddy Ben Affleck to sneak him onto the show.

"You bribed him?" Kimmel asked Damon. "I feel bat-rayed. By Batman."

The most recent disagreement between Damon and Kimmel regards the new bumpersticker that Damon made to promote his new film Jason Bourne. Damon then pulled out a sticker that read, "Honk if you're Bourney." The therapist was clearly trying to hold in his laughter at the ridiculousness of the moment, but then moved on to the last bit of the segment.


Finally, the therapist asked Kimmel and Damon to make sketches of how they view each other. The sketches were definitely NSFW, but ultimately made both Damon and Kimmel break character and bust out laughing.

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