Jim Carrey Challenges Mother Of Late Girlfriend Cathriona White Over Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Jim Carrey is firing back and defending himself against allegations made in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his late girlfriend Cathriona White’s mother.

The hair and makeup artist committed suicide last year by overdosing on prescription medication she allegedly stole from Carrey, E! News reports.

In October, White’s mother Brigid Sweetman sued the actor and blamed him for White’s death. But this week, Carrey filed papers in response to the lawsuit hoping to strike “numerous irrelevant, false and improper allegations she had made.”

Carrey calls Sweetman’s lawsuit a “shameful shakedown for money” and says she is trying to “profit from the suicide-death of her long-estranged daughter” who “chose to end her own life in 2015 on the third anniversary of her beloved father’s death.”

"The false, irrelevant and improper allegations were inserted for the sole purpose of harassing, embarrassing and humiliating Carrey in an effort to shame him into an unmerited settlement and should be stricken in their entirety," Carrey's filing states.

The document details their relationship and shares the two “remained a loving couple” until her death.

Carrey stated in his filing that he did not illegally obtain or provide White with the drugs that eventually killed her.


"White loved Carrey, viewed him (and not Sweetman) as her family; and White was not upset with him at the time she took her own life by overdosing on prescription medication," the filing says, adding that White had "sought out and stole Carrey's prescription medication from his home without his knowledge."

This article first appeared on Womanista.com