Family Buys A Cadaver That Isn't Actually Dead

A family in China was practicing a traditional burial where their son, who had passed away, would be buried alongside a female cadaver to represent his “ghost bride.” However, things turned south when the family heard slapping sounds coming from the coffin after it was shut. Turns out, the “ghost bride” was very much alive.

Per the Chinese tradition of a “ghost bride,” the family dressed the woman in her wedding attire. Both bodies are then put in the same coffin to indicate that marriage has indeed taken place. Luckily for this woman, the family heard a sound coming from the coffin before the burial was finished.

china cadaver
(Photo: People Daily )

The woman who was sold as a cadaver is named Zhao Mei. She is deaf, mute, and mentally disabled, so once the police arrived to ask her how she managed to get sold as a dead body, she couldn’t really answer too many questions. However, the authorities believe that she is part of a human trafficking ring.

Six people have been arrested in relation to this trafficking. The men in this ring would pick women like Zhao Mei, use them for prostitution, and then sell them. One man named Li admitted that he had given Zhao Mei tranquilizers before she was shipped off to the family for burial. He is currently being charged with attempted homicide.

In the end, the authorities were able to rescue five other women who could have shared been sold like Zhao Mei – only their story could have ended a lot worse.


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[H/T Daily Mail]