Disney Teases Jungle Book First Look Coming Monday

(Photo: Disney)

Disney tweeted out a short Vine teaser for The Jungle Book, the next in their live-action remakes of animated classics today, announcing that the first look at footage will premiere Monday. The teaser will air first on Access Hollywood.

The seconds worth of footage includes a hissing snake - Scarlett Johansson's Kaa being teased there - in a flyby of the titular Jungle. This gives the general public just a tiny tease of what wowed people at D23 Expo: that photorealistic jungle is 100% computer animated. This whole movie was shot in sound stages, using the latest in CGI technology, something director Jon Favreau was excited about at the August convention.

"The man Walt Disney was an inspiring figure who took old stories, he's a storyteller first and foremost. He also loved technology. Taking the edge of technology and applying it to old stories was his formula for success, and we wanted to do that here," Favreau said. "We wanted to used 3D, digital recording, and CGI in ways no one has before. The best CGI, I think, is the kind that just disappears."

The young newcomer star Neel Sethi actually filmed all of his scenes twice - once in a mocap suit and the second time in his costume. He'll appear in live-action alongside the CGI animals and jungle.

The Jungle Book is scheduled for an April 15, 2016 release.