Brad Pitt's Family Comes To His Defense

The cousin of Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt named Roger Hal Hillhouse has come to the World War Z actor's defense in the wake of the Brangelina divorce and child abuse allegations. According to Hillhouse, his 52-year-old relative would never abuse any of his children or do any of the things that he has recently been accused of.

(Photo: NBC Today Show)

When the story first broke about the private jet incident between Brad and his son Maddox, Pitt's family was thoroughly shocked. However, Brad's team claims that there were no physical abuse and that is was simply a normal argument between a father and son.

When contacted by Radar Online and asked if he would defend Brad, Hillhouse said: "I'll definitely defend him! Brad Pitt is a good father...He wouldn't hurts his kids."

Hillhouse also mentioned that Brad's parents are an important influence on the grandchildren's lives. "His mother and father, Jane and Bill, are great grandparents to those kids." Hillhouse continued by saying, "It's a good family unit."

"We're all saddened by the fact that the children, Brad and Angelina are having to go through this," said Hillhouse.

With the investigation into the private jet incident ongoing, Brad and Angelina recently agreed to continue operating under the custody arrangement that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services recommended.

The temporary plan between the Hollywood couple was originally scheduled to last through Oct. 20. However, a source told PEOPLE it is not unusual for the temporary arrangement to be extended. Both Jolie and Pitt will continue to attend individual counseling and also attend family counseling with their children.

"People have erroneously made the assumption that the original Oct. 20th date of the agreement between the two parties was also in some way a deadline for DCFS, and that is simply not the case," a source close to the situation said.

The information was also revealed recently that Brad Pitt declined to sign Angelina's divorce papers, find out why he would not answer here.

The source continued by saying, "The parties reached an initial agreement and standard operating procedure is that a DCFS investigation is open-ended; DCFS is under no deadline and there is no delay here, simply a continuation of an ongoing process."


What are your thoughts on what Brad Pitt's cousin had to say? Do you think he was right to defend Brad in light of the child abuse claims?

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