Amy Schumer Slips In A Dirty Joke On 'Today' Despite Savannah Guthrie's Warning

Amy Schumer isn't one to play by the rules.

The actress appeared on the Today show Monday morning with Goldie Hawn, her co-star in the pair's new film, Snatched, and while there, Schumer managed to slip in a dirty joke despite host Savannah Guthrie's warning to "stay classy."

"Amy just said the most terrifying thing," Guthrie said at the start of the actress' appearance. "She said, 'Is this live?' And I said, 'Yes, Amy, it's live!'"

"I said, 'Don't worry. I've grown. I've evolved," Schumer responded. "I'm wearing flowers. 'Who is this woman?'"

Hawn joked, "I didn't even recognize her!"

"Stay classy," Guthrie warned Schumer. "It's morning TV."


During the interview, Guthrie references the actress' recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, in which Hawn said Schumer "could have been my daughter," but she "would have been a troubled daughter."

Hawn also noted that if Schumer were her daughter, she'd have no advice to offer her.

"You don't give advice," Hawn said. "What advice do you give somebody?" Schumer replied, "'Keep your feet in a bucket.' That's what my mom said. Because you can't open your legs...if they're in a bucket.' What? I know it's the morning, but..."

Guthrie quickly realized what Schumer had said, and admitted she didn't see the joke coming until it was too late.

See the full video here.

"I fell for it," the host laughed. "I was like, 'Oh, is that a cute expression?' 'Keep your feet in a bucket,' like that's some sweet—.'" Schumer responded, "It is sweet."

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