Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Meets Putin On Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin made good on his Twitter tease yesterday when he posted a photo of himself as Donald Trump, appearing on last night's Saturday Night Live. The sharp writing staff even managed to work in a joke about Trump's most recent Twitter guffaw, where he wrote "unpresidented" instead of a real word, "unprecedented."

A few surprise showed up for Trump in the sketch, like a shirtless Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennet), who came crashing down the chimney. As if that didn't get the crowd excited enough, John Goodman dropped by, playing Rex Tillerson, to add even more star power to the sketch. Tillerson is the CEO of Exxon, so it only made sense for the sketch to lead to him teaming up with Putin and effectively cutting Trump out of the circle.

Many people doubt president-elect Trump's abilities to run the country, but things definitely look like they're headed in the right direction. After all, Trump has yet to tweet about how much he hates a comedy show that he once hosted, so we're sure that means the country is finally in good hands!

[H/T YouTube/Saturday Night Live]