XXXTentacion's Controversial Past Divides Social Media

XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfoy, was shot dead in southern Florida on Monday while leaving a motorcycle shop. The young rapper was just 20-years-old at the time of his passing.

His death was mourned by many of his fans on social media as video of his lifeless body in the aftermath of the shooting was quickly shared online.

However there was a noticeable divide in the reactions. While Twitter users offered their condolences, others brought up controversial aspects about his past. Onfoy was arrested in 2016 for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend and was eventually hit with 15 felony charges, including assault, false imprisonment and witness tampering. He was arrested in December 2017 but was later placed on modified house arrest. In March a judge ruled he could temporarily leave his house arrest in order to promote his new album, ?.

People who brought up his charges on Monday were quickly hit with a wave of backlash.

"Someone being a terrible person does not warrant celebrating them being murdered in cold blood... some of u are truly disgusting," rapper Lil Aaron 911 tweeted. He followed that tweet up by writing "To be clear I completely disavow x and have been very vocal against his actions but I personally do not believe a loss of live, especially in the context of murder, should be celebrated.

"Please respect XXXtentacion's family & friends privacy during this time," another account wrote. "Ill wishes & negative comments serve no positive purpose in this matter. Especially if you're NOT from South Florida. Keep the negativity to yourself or log off."

"I know that what xxxtentacion did was horrible but he is still a human. he is someone's son, someone's friend, someone's idol. no one deserves to die," wrote another.


"It takes a stifling lack of compassion to say anything but RIP XXXTENTACION today. Praying for his family and loved ones," wrote another.

According to the released dispatch audio, authorities are ruling the shooting as a possible drive-by.