XXXTentacion Attends Own Funeral in Music Video Released After His Death

XXXtentacion passed away on June 18, but he's attending his own funeral in a new music video [...]

XXXtentacion passed away on June 18, but he's attending his own funeral in a new music video released after his death.

In the posthumously released clip for the controversial rapper's song "SAD!," XXXtentacion — real name Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy — walks into a church hosting a funeral that turns out to be for himself.

The body in the casket, comes to life and attacks the rapper. They begin to brawl, effectively seeing XXXtentacion literally fight himself.

Throughout the video, viewers see cuts to separate scenes where XXXtentacion seems to be having a conversation with a masked and hooded character who is presumed to represent Death.

The nature of the video is ironic, to say the least, considering the rapper died less than two weeks ago after being shot in his car.

XXXtentacion's fans have been taking to social media to comment on the new video and share their thoughts and feelings about it.

"Stop calling people stupid for thinking [XXXtentacion] is alive, yes I know he's gone but can you really watch his new music video and not think in your head how unbelievably strange it is that he's at his own funeral, I was genuinely shook when I saw it," one fan tweeted.

"X was almost like DMX in a way," another fan said, comparing XXXtentacion to the Ruff Ryders rapper. "A constant battle between dark and light. Knowing he wanted to do better but constantly battling with his demons."

"Xxxtentacion new video is saying that know matter how bad your life is you can start again," someone else surmised. "What a guy, Long live X."

The Broward County Sheriff's Office has arrested one man in connection with the death of the 20-year-old rapper but are still seeking at least two other individuals they believe may have been involved.