Tyrese Accused of Alleged 'Blackballing' of Musical Artists

Tyrese Gibson is being accused of damaging another artist's career. A musician named Dee Roze recently accused the singer-actor of trying to sabotage his professional life.

Gibson is just one of the entertainers who offered Will Smith support after the King Richard star posted a five-minute video apology to Chris Rock for the infamous Oscars slap on social media. As part of his comment, Gibson praised Smith on Instagram for his contributions to Hollywood and his humility in taking responsibility for his mistake.

"We all just watched a video with ALL HEART that would of never ever been uploaded from anyone on this earth like this but WILL SMITH…" he wrote. "After 3 months [as so much other STUFF has happened in the world] he's been paused and put in mental, emotional and traumatic prison because when you actually CARE for people and how you effect them from your WORDS and CHOICES you lose a LOT of sleep over those very mistakes…"

Gibson continued, "You're my forever and ever hero, and I thank you for growing up in REAL TIME and showing us what it's like to be the BIGGEST MOVIE STAR in the WORLD and then showing us ALL that you're HUMAN and make mistakes too….. The difference is most won' apologize!"

Roze, real name Dwayne Spikes, took to Instagram after seeing Tyrese's remarks and shared a few of his own. The Alyve Entertainment co-founder claimed Gibson intentionally damaged his reputation in the music industry, as well as harassing Kristal Smith of June's Diary, formerly signed to Gibson's music label, Voltron Recordz.

"You always quick to run to social media to get clout off someone else story or one of your stupid emotional tantrums. You say you a real one right? Well, let's let your Hollywood friends know how you've continued to try to ruin Kristal and my life," Roze wrote in the caption. 

"Let's tell them how you told her to choose you or me!! [Oh] let's tell them how you and your manager Isabella shared my d– throughout the industry after illegally tampering in my emails going back as far as 2 years, lying and insisted that I was cheating and saying I'm gay in an attempt to steal my publishing off the songs that I wrote on her album."

"TELL them how you continuously harassed her after leaving Voltron records," he continued. "TELL them how after she got in June's Diary, you told the manager 'let the games begin,' then you continuously called L.A. Reid's office and harassed him about Kristal just constantly being messy as if someone owe you something." 

"TELL them how you of recently reached out to Kristal trying to offer her another deal. You're a scum and a bitch. I reached out to you like a man personally then through my lawyer and mutuals, even your baby mother, and you still keep dodging me. I never wanted to go this far out of the love we have for your daughter." 

Roze concluded the statement, writing, "I know it's tough to apologize to a ego that's bigger than yours!! Till you do right by good people, you'll continue to receive all the bad karma that has been happening to you in your life." After making his accusations, Roze released a diss track entitled "The Greatest."


Tyrese has not yet responded to Roze's accusations. According to his LinkedIn profile, Roze is also a singer, songwriter, producer, and talent scout. In addition to Tyrese, he has also collaborated with Dru Hill, K-Ci of Jodeci, Tank, Luke James, and Akon.