Snow Patrol Loses Two Members — and There's Drama

Drummy Jonny Quinn and bassist Paul Wilson left Snow Patrol without explanation this week, and it sounds like there may be something going on behind the scenes.

This weekend, Scottish rock band Snow Patrol announced that two of its members are leaving the ensemble, and it sounds like they may be going on bad terms. Frontman Gary Lightbody made a post on Instagram announcing the departure of drummer Jonny Quinn and bassist Paul "Pablo" Wilson and praising them for their contributions to the group. However, Quinn's wife made a public comment that seemed to imply there is drama behind the scenes.

Lightbody wrote that Quinn and Wilson "have decided to leave Snow Patrol," and while he said that the remaining three members are "heartbroken," he wished them well on their future endeavors. Lightbody made separate posts praising each of the departing musicians and trying to send them off in style. As for Snow Patrol, he wrote that the remaining trio is soldiering on with a new album to come. He made no mention of replacing Quinn and Wilson, saying that the group wanted to take the time to honor them before moving on to new work.

Lightbody's post about Quinn showered him with praise for his years of work with the band. One fan commented: "Nooooo! It's not SP without JQ!" Under that comment, Quinn's wife Mariane responded: "It's been a f-er. F-ed by you know who." The following day, Mariane made her own post on the subject.

"I'm so incredibly proud of my husband and it's with very mixed feelings Jonny is announcing his departure from the band," Mariane wrote on her private Instagram account, according to a report by The Belfast Telegraph. "So many amazing times, so many incredible people and experiences. I couldn't have dreamt it. Sad the reason for leaving is not the best, but excited about what lies ahead."

Mariane reportedly thanked all the band members but one by name in her post. While she mentioned Lightbody, Wilson and guitarist Nathan Connolly, she did not mention guitarist Johnny McDaid at all. Some readers noted this conspicuous absence.

Snow Patrol was formed in 1994 at the University of Dundee in Scotland by Lightbody, Michael Morrison and Mark McClelland. The group has undergone many changes to the lineup over the years, starting with Morrison who left in 1997 and was replaced as the drummer by Quinn. McClelland left the group in 2005, at which point Wilson joined along with keyboardist Tom Simpson. Connolly joined the group in 2002 while McDaid is the most recent addition, joining in 2011.

Snow Patrol's most recent original album, Wildness, was released in 2018. According to Lightbody, a new album is in the works but there's no telling when fans might hear it. In the meantime, many are posting their fond memories of seeing the group with Quinn and Wilson on social media.