Shakira Skateboards, Leads '80s Workout in New Black Eyed Peas Music Video

Shakira and The Black Eyed Peas released the music video for their new single, 'Girl Like Me,' [...]

Shakira and The Black Eyed Peas released the music video for their new single, "Girl Like Me," which features rapping about how he wants a girl like The Voice coach. The video is filled with references to other Latin pop stars, as well as some scenes inspired by 1980s workout videos. "Girl Like Me" was featured on The Black Eyed Peas' latest album, Translation, which was released in June.

The song includes nods to Shakira's career, including the line, "Your hips don't lie, they rock me." also references Tejano legend Selena Quintanilla and Brazilian pop star Anitta notes Rolling Stone. The video shows members of the Black Eyed Peas and Shakira in front of impressive set pieces. At one point, Shakira hops on a skateboard.

Translation features other Latin stars, including J Balvin and Maluma. In an interview with NBC News, said he was "personally inspired by this Latin movement" and noted how it is the most-streamed genre on Spotify. "And to that, it is the definition of international pop." He also noted that the video for "Girl Like Me," a track recorded in 2008, was filmed in two separate countries. Shakira was in Colombia while the Black Eyed Peas were in California. "We sent her our footage so the director could match the set, the lighting, so we could all feel like we're in the same universe even though we were apart," he said. and Taboo told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year it was "awesome" to work with Shakira. "I thought I was a perfectionist... Shakira is on a totally different level," joked. "She comes with notes, and it's awesome... But she does it in a very gentle, humble, sweet way, to where you just wanna please all of her concerns. And that takes a very skilled negotiator, a great collaborator. It was a joy to work with her."

Based on the responses to the "Girl Like Me" video since it was released on Friday, fans also consider it a joy to watch. The video has already racked up 18.8 million views on YouTube. Shakira also shared clips on her Instagram Story showing fans recreating her dance moves. "Damn Shakira really got the moves," one fan wrote on YouTube. "Tutting, Footwork, Skating. She is truly the definition of an Artist. Age is just a number. QUEEN!"