Rapper Arrested for Second Time Since September

Rapper Lil Zay Osama was arrested in his hometown, but details remain scarce. Tom Ahern, Deputy Director of the Chicago Police Department's News Affairs and Communications, shared images of firearms seized during an investigation following his tweets announcing the arrest of the Chicago native."Illinois State Police @ChicagoIsp identified a stolen vehicle with multiple occupants who fled into a building," Ahern stated. "ISP has a person of interest in custody at this time. Firearms were recovered. Investigation continues." Additionally, Ahern said, "[Three] of 4 offenders have been taken into custody. 6 firearms were recovered. @Area3Detectives are investigating." According to a Chicago PD Scanner account, Osama was one of those detained.

"One of the offenders in custody is reportedly Chicago rapper Isaiah Dukes, better known as Lil Zay Osama," the tweet read. "He has a net worth of approx $600k. Dukes is a member of Bad Side Cali 6300 gang, a mix of Black P Stones, Gangster Disciples & Black Disciples." The post also noted, "He signed to Warner Records." Osama was arrested after reportedly leaving a firearm in an Uber in September 2022. The New York Post reported that Osama and "several associates" rode from a hotel to a recording studio in an Uber. The driver claimed Osama handled a firearm while riding in the vehicle and left "a .40 caliber Glock" behind after exiting.

Upon the driver calling the police and providing the names of the passengers, the authorities learned that Osama had a previous conviction for weapons, among other charges. A test showed the gun was modified to fire more than one round with a single trigger pull. There were reportedly nine rounds in the magazine, with one reported to be in the chamber. According to investigators, the firearm functioned similarly to a machine gun. The rapper was on Livestream when it occurred, and later, he called on Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian to help him with his case. In his Instagram story on Oct. 8, Osama asked for help from none other than the rap businessman. "I Need Jayz Help!!!!" he wrote. As he explained his situation in a follow-up post, he hoped more people would lend him their support.

 "It's crazy I thought people would say free me hoping I do better and wish the best," he began. "Y'all really in the comments and on blogs saying 20 and 30 plus ima get and y'all hope I get time I'm dum and etc.." He continued, "Don't believe everything u hear I been out here I know how to move dont believe everything u hear #Glahhh." He compared his situation to that of other persecuted rappers. "New York aint playing fair they lien on my name they targeting all artist," he wrote. "Most of our artists is Black men so u know what this about! They tryna do us [100 emoji]." Osama then called on another celebrity for assistance. "Tag @kimkardashian I need her," he added. Kardashian supported rapper Gunna amid his criminal charges and appeared to have taken an active role in his case. In 2019, she asked then-President Trump to intervene in A$AP Rocky's Swedish arrest; in the past, she has highlighted other potential wrongful convictions.