R. Kelly Sued for Allegedly Being a Homewrecker

A Mississippi sheriff's deputy is suing R&B singer R. Kelly for allegedly breaking up his marriage. Kelly responded to the lawsuit, arguing that the deputy himself has had affairs, along with a love child.

Hinds County Deputy sheriff's deputy Kenny Bryant sued the "Trapped in the Closet" singer in April for allegedly having an affair with Bryant's wife.

As FOX News reported at the time, Bryant claims his wife, Asia Childress, told him he had an affair with Kelly in July 2012. Bryant says they revived their relationship a few months after the wedding following a concert.

Bryant claims Childress convinced him to quit his job so they could move to Atlanta so she could pursue a music career. Bryant now thinks Childress moved there only so she could continue her affair with Kelly. He also claims Childress got chlamydia from Kelly after a rendezvous of theirs.

The Blast reported on Sunday that Kelly finally responded to the lawsuit, calling Bryant a hypocrite after investigating Bryant's private life. Kelly denied having an affair with Childress and claims Bryant had his own affairs that lead to their marriage ending.

Kelly wants the lawsuit dismissed. The singer claims Bryant had extramarital affairs and had a love child outside the marriage.


Kelly also claims Bryant used his position as a sheriff's deputy and is misusing the legal system to blackmail the singer. He also wants Bryant's phone records, which he says will prove that Bryant is harassing him.

Bryant is seeking damages from Kelly for allegedly ruining the marriage. The case is now pending.