Pop Music Legend Refuses to Sit With His Kids on Flights — Is He in the Right?

The pop legend has a good reason for sending his kids away to coach while he's in first class.

Pop icon Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field have revealed a surprising rule they adhere to when traveling with their children. If air travel is involved, the couple won't sit with their four children on the flight.

Per The Independent, the couple spoke with The Sunday Times and revealed that the kids always fly economy. "My kids fly economy whenever we fly. I turn left and they turn right. That's terrible. I mean, people will think I'm such a d-k," Field told the outlet. "My kids will know that [economy] is where they will sit in a plane until they can pay to put themselves in a different part of the plane. There's no interest in raising brats."

Field easily admits that she's the more strict of the couple. Williams "becomes a fun parent" after the couple travels, which she finds "super annoying." The couple aren't the only famous names to try the practice with their kids.

As The Independent details, Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana also will make their kids sit in economy while they fly first class. "They haven't worked anywhere near hard enugh to afford that," Ramsay said back in 2021. "When it comes to holidays, I told them, 'Don't you dare waste that f-ing money flying first class from here to New York. We all f-ing take off together, we all land together. Think what else [you can] do with money.'"

Ramsay won't even let the kids come up to snipe some of the fancy food for themselves. "When they ask if they can pop up to us for some nice food, we say, 'No you f-ing can't', so now they take their own picnics on board, and they're absolutely fine in economy," he drives home. "I mean, what 14-year-old needs to sit in a reclining chair?"

You can't help but think about the Kardashians in a moment like this. Just taking what is shown to the public, you feel like they have a different philosophy than these two examples. But who knows? They could also be surprisingly grounded.

What will the debate be when we finally have passenger flights to space for folks to blow their money on? Will the kids have to hitch a ride similar to people who rode the rails in the early 20th century? Playing songs for a sandwich and avoiding those space train bulls.