Joey Fatone Says NSYNC Is Not Joining Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl

Joey Fatone has shattered the dreams of millions of *NSYNC fans by revealing that the rest of the group will not be joining Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl halftime show.

TMZ caught up to Fatone before the Jan. 14 playoff games and asked about the possibility of him and the other members joining their old band mate on stage.

"I'm here right now," Joey replied. "If I was doing something, I'd be at rehearsals right now ... there's your proof."

Previously Fatone had told the outlet, "If it's right then we'll do it. If everybody can't do it, then we don't do it," but that was when Timberlake's involvement in the halftime show was merely rumored and not yet official.

Another person people have speculated could show up for Timberlake's performance at the big game is Janet Jackson. The two of them made waves years ago when Jackson had a "wardrobe malfunction" during a duet they were performing on the Super Bowl halftime show.

In a new interview, Timberlake opened up about how he "stumbled" after that notorious spectacle.

While speaking to Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, Timberlake was asked about the incident and replied, "Yeah and I stumbled through it, to be quite honest."

"I had my wires crossed, and it's just something that you have to look back on and go, like, 'OK, well, you know, you can't change what's happened but you can move forward and learn from it,' " he continued.

Lowe asked if Timberlake and Jackson had resolved that event between the two of them, to which the "Cry Me A River" singer confirmed that they "absolutely" had.

"And I don't know that a lot of people know that," Timberlake added. "I don't think it's my job to do that because you value the relationships that you do have with people."


Being that he is taking the Super Bowl Half-Time Show stage again in February, Timberlake assured fans and critics alike that nothing like that would happen this time around.

"It's just one of those things were you go like, 'Yeah, what do you want me to say? We're not going to do that again,' " he said confidently.