Matthew Seligman, Bassist for David Bowie and The Camera Club Member, Dead at 64 Due to Coronavirus

Matthew Seligman, who played bass for David Bowie, has reportedly died at the age of 64. According to Deadline, the cause of death for Seligman — who was also in The Soft Boys, as well as being a member of Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club — was due to complications of the coronavirus. Seligman was most well-known for playing bass for Bowie at the music icon's 1985 Live Aid performance.

Seligman’s friend, and fellow Camera Club member, Thomas Dolby has been sharing updates about Seligman's condition on Facebook. On April 17, Dolby stated that Selgman suffered a haemorrhagic stroke. "It is expected that he will not survive longer than 12/24 hours," he wrote. "His ventilator will be gradually withdrawn until the inevitable end. I am so sad to have to bear this terrible news. I have loved him as a friend and a fellow musician for 40 years." Dolby also said that Seligman had been in an induced coma and on a ventilator due to coronavirus for two weeks at St George’s hospital in London, England. On Friday afternoon, Dolby took to Facebook again, sharing the sad news of Seligman's death by simply writing, "Matthew’s gone."


One of Seligman's other bandmates, Robyn Hitchcock of The Soft Boys, also took to Facebook on April 17 to comment on Seligman's condition. "I’m writing this as Matthew Seligman slips out of this life and into wherever souls go next. Everybody goes, but none of us were expecting Matthew to leave us so abruptly, forever," he wrote. "It is strange and very sad to be talking of him in the past tense. I first met Matthew in 1976 in Cambridge, just before the beginning of the Soft Boys. He had nice dark hair and was very charming, with a slight break in his voice."

Hitchcock later concluded his post by writing, "I’m profoundly grateful to have played music with him - you could really see his face light up like a full moon when he listened back to a take he enjoyed. Onstage he would lope and lurch and pace when the music moved him. Matthew is, was, and always will be one of the greats. My heart goes out to his partner, Mami; his children Daisy and Lily, and all who were close to him and his lunar intensity."