Maren Morris Spoils Son on First Birthday With a Special Fuzzy Theme

Grammy-winner Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd made sure that their son, Hayes Andrew, had a [...]

Grammy-winner Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd made sure that their son, Hayes Andrew, had a great first birthday party, even if the pandemic kept it small. Morris shared pictures of the family event on her Instagram Story, showing off the adorable Peter Rabbit theme. Between the decorations and the bunny-themed cupcakes, it's clear that the "The Bones" singer nailed her son's first birthday.

Morris had previously hinted to People ahead of the Grammy Awards that she had small yet elaborate plans for Hayes' birthday. "Obviously, we're going to have a very, just a family-oriented party — we can't do the full invitation thing," she explained. "But we're gonna have a theme. I think we all want to do Peter Rabbit, 'cause that's the book I read to him since he was a newborn."

In the photos, although little Hayes was present in one of the images, Morris stuck with her vow to no longer share his face on her social media. Morris got tired of facing the near-constant mom-shaming online, so she deleted all photos of Hayes and decided that she wouldn't post more. She told singer Mickey Guyton on Twitter that "we talked about curbing posting photos anyway now that he's a little bit older, but the added crap from (mostly other moms) folks definitely forced our hand."

Morris elaborated on the decision during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. "I don't think I'm gonna show his face in photos on social media anymore," she told host Andy Cohen. "I'm gonna be a little more private about him. It's been so fun sharing photos of him, but I feel like... you know, I can take someone saying my music sucks or I'm ruining country music, but for some reason, the mother card, I can't emotionally handle right now. So I was like, 'I'm just gonna protect myself and him from it."

"I would just have to say to anyone that is a mother who is shaming another mother, it obviously, I think comes from a deep insecurity in your own motherhood that you have to criticize someone else that's especially brand new at this," Morris continued. "We all feel like we suck in the beginning anyways."