Kali Uchis 'Telepatia' Lyrics: What They Mean in English

Kali Uchis' latest track, "Telepatía," has become a major hit. In particular, it's garnered plenty of attention on TikTok, as the track has been used in a variety of ways amongst users on the popular social media platform. But, given that some of the lyrics in "Telepatía" are in Spanish, you might be wondering exactly what it means.

"Telepatía" includes both a chorus and a verse that Uchis sings in Spanish. When it comes to the chorus, it means, as translated by Genius, "Who would have known / That you can make love / telepathically / The moon is full, my bed is empty / What I would do to you / If I had you in front of / me, I would blow your mind / Night and day, night and day." Basically, the lyrics indicate that Uchis is on the same wavelength as her partner, so much so that they can almost communicate "telepathically." The first verse of "Telepatía" is also, partially, in Spanish.

Uchis goes on to sing about love in the verse, which is translated by Genius as, "You know I'm just a flight away / If you wanted you can take a private plane / Miles away we're connecting / And you turn me on without even touching me / You know I got a lot to say / All these voices in the background of my brain / And they tell me everything you're thinking / I imagine what you've already been plotting." Clearly, the connection that Uchis sings about is on another level entirely. In fact, it seems as though this connection is so strong that they don't even have to speak about their love out loud — they just intrinsically know what the other is thinking. Once you're able to fully understand and see the translation of Uchis' lyrics, the title "Telepatía," which translates to "Telepathy" in English, makes all the more sense.

According to Genius, Uchis released "Telepatía" in November. However, it wasn't until February that the song started to gain traction. Considering the massive popularity of TikTok, it stands to reason that the song's acclaim on the social media site played a part in it gaining so much attention. On TikTok, Uchis even posted a video in which she explained her own meaning behind the song. She told her fans, “I wrote this song about spiritually being with someone I physically couldn’t, and while making it I sent healing telepathic love to all."