Grammys 2020: Singer-Songwriter Joy Villa Sparks Spirited Response With Trump 2020 Gown

Joy Villa unveiled another controversial dress at the Grammys on Sunday night. The singer-songwriter is known for touting her politics in her wardrobe choices, and this year was no exception. Her bright red dress had the words "TRUMP 2020" stitched into the front.

Villa wore a bright red gown to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night. The tight outfit had a flared collar with pointed cuts pointing back in towards her throat, and a long skirt that widened at the bottom. At the beginning of the night, she paired it with a white cape trimmed with blue shoulder pads dotted with stars, completing the American flag aesthetic.

The dress had the president's name in white block letters stitched into the front, with the election year 2020 across the bottom. When Villa removed the cape, she revealed that the back read "IMPEACHED & ELECTED" in the sample style.

She accessorized with a clutch that bore a graphic of the GOP elephant in red white and blue, as well as a red feather in her hair. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Villa's outfit was designed by Desi Allinger.

"The collar of Joy's latex dress was inspired by a neckline on a dress by Alexander McQueen, and the coat is inspired by our first lady [Melania Trump] — I just picture her in this. So yeah, USA!" Allinger said.

"I feel like Miss America in this; it's all couture," Villa told the outlet. "He's going to be the first president in history to be impeached and re-elected."

Much of Villa's work focuses on her support for President Trump, often displayed on this grand scale. Her 2018 album Home Sweet Home had a lead single titled "Make America Great Again!," and her latest single is called "Freedom (Fight For It)." Villa said that this song is "all about stopping censorship of conservatives."

Some of Villa's past outfits include a white gown with an impression of a fetus painted near the bottom, which she paired with a handbag that read "Choose Life." In 2017, she attended the Grammys wearing a blue dress with the president's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" written on it in glitter.


Perhaps her most infamous dress was the silver gown she wore in 2016, also designed by Allinger's company. It had a brick pattern painted on it, and the shoulders were adorned with curls of barbed wire. Along the back were the words "BUILD THE WALL."

Many viewers are used to seeing Villa on the red carpet at this point, so the majority of social media responses on Sunday asked questions like "why do they keep inviting her?" Villa is a member of the recording academy, which organizes the Grammy Awards every year.